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Fit for Golf

July 24, 2009

Why has it taken so long for fitness or any kind of athletic conditioning program for golfers to become as main-stream as it is now? When you think of a football, baseball, or basketball player you automatically associate conditioning programs or two a day intense physical practice. You assume these men/women are in great physical shape because of the physical demand of the sport. But has it always been that way? Think back in the days of Ruth or Musial, these guys were not in the gym everyday like they are now. The same goes for all other physically demanding sports. Did some pro football player hire a trainer one day to try and increase his fitness/conditioning level thereby causing other players to do the same in order to maintain that same level of competition?
Twenty years ago, when you thought of golf you thought of it as a mental game. A game that did not require much athletic ability to play. Now when you think of golf, who do you associate the game with? Most people would probably say Tiger Woods. Ever since he came onto the scene in the late 90’s showing off his fit physique and powerful swing, people started taking more notice of golf on the physical side. Tiger was so far ahead of everyone else that he sparked a rise in the level of competition so much that made all the other golfers say “Hey, I need to get into some kind of fitness/conditioning program to keep up with this guy”.
After last weekend, the world is buzzing about Tom Watson. Do you think Tom Watson might be on some kind of golf conditioning program? You better believe it. Tom is in great shape. Turnberry is not the longest course, but it requires a lot of strength and endurance to have to hit out of that ridiculous rough. This was a great example for the golf world and to the 55 and older age groups. Since 2001, golf in that age group has increased 20%. I would like to think it has to do with golf fitness becoming an important element of the game and allowing a 59 year old like Tom Watson to be able to play as well as he is at his age.
Golf fitness has taken off so much that there is a booming market out there with people like myself that are certified through Titleist as a golf fitness instructor. Golf is such a great game that we want to do it forever. By adding in a golf fitness program, golfers are able to avoid injury and be in better shape to play the game well into a senior age. Golf will never be thought of like football with its physical demands, but it is so awesome to see it finally get the credit it so well deserves.