Off-season training for Golf

As much as I hate to say it, but golf season is coming to an end. For some of us that is a good thing. This downtime from golf gives us a chance to truly work on our game. It’s a chance to work on flexibility, power, or maybe to work through some aches and pains that we didn’t have time for because time would much rather be spent on the course. Can’t blame you there. The offseason lets us reflect back and think about “What part of my game, body, or physical conditioning do I want to improve?”.  Of course everyone has a different answer. What is yours?

Lets say you want to work on your swing because you have a sway swing fault. The first question that needs to be addressed is: what’s the cause? Once the cause is nailed down: how do we fix it? Two of the most common causes of a sway is lack of good internal rotation of the trail hip during the back swing and gluteal instability. Both easy to fix.

Ok, so you want to work on your body or some part of it. Maybe you get back or elbow pain midway through a round and your score shoots up. Same thing applies here. What is the cause and how do we fix it? A couple of the most common causes of back pain for golfers is a S-posture at set up and reverse spine angle swing fault. Most common cause of elbow pain is a scooping swing fault at impact position. Fix those issues and your game will only get better.

If you are already doing some sort of in-season training program, the transition to an off-season program is fairly simple. Starting a golf training program from scratch is a different story. If starting from scratch, depending on what is going on, you might have to do in-season/off-season combined program to get things started. There are many websites and programs out there that are good, but can be confusing as well. I highly recommend talking with your golf pro or golf fitness pro on how to get started. The off-season can be a great tool, use it wisely. Look for my next blog where I will dive into an actual training program.


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